Schneider & Co. oHG – that's Ewald and Christina Schneider and their children Victoria, Ewald Jr. and Walter, a showman family brimming with love and passion for the profession. The family-run company, with head offices in Munich and Bielefeld, operates at all major fairgrounds in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and in London. These include, for example, Munich’s Oktoberfest, Kieler Woche, Cannstatter Wasen or the ‘Largest fair on the Rhine’ (Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes). With its spectacular free-fall towers Power Tower II and Hangover the Tower, the brand-new rollercoaster Heidi as well as the Christmas village, the House of St. Nicholas, which has been popular for many years, the showman family Schneider guarantees top entertainment all year round.

The company Schneider celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017. Schneider attractions have been delighting fairgoers for generations, leaving them breathless with excitement – especially the rides. As an award-winning company, Schneider and its team are very much at home at all the most prestigious events. Awards from the Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes and the Cranger Kirmes just go to show the industry and the public’s high regard for the company. In recognition of extraordinary achievements and long-standing contributions to these two mega fairs, the Schneider family was awarded prizes such as the ‘Best of Crange’.

Ewald Schneider comes from one of the best showman families in Germany. His father, Walter, has been based in Bielefeld since 1965 and has built up an innovative scooter business, while Ewald, one of two sons, started his own firm in 1992 with the ‘Can Can’ carousel business. Six years later, the first free-fall tower was purchased, and with Power Tower II, long-lasting success was achieved. Regular guest engagements, including Munich’s Oktoberfest since 2009 (the company was already there back in 2003 and 2005-2007), as well as the end of year events at the Christmas markets in Bielefeld and London, form the company’s economic base.

Christina Bruch-Schneider also comes from one of the most important German showman dynasties, and she does more than run the company's rides. Her House of St. Nicholas at the Bielefeld Christmas Market at the Leineweber Fountain is iconic, and for over ten years, an almost exact replica also featured at London's Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.