The world´s tallest travelling Gyro-Drop Tower

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Fall speed

90 km/h


85 m



Enjoy a spectacular trip above the rooftops of your city!

You get in. The restraint bars close... Click!... Now there’s no turning back.

Hangover starts moving! Slowly, the gondola rotates in the sky. You get a breath-taking view over your city.

After 40 metres you realise how incredibly high Hangover the Tower really is. But you're not even halfway there yet.

A few moments later you've reached the summit. Slowly, the gondola turns in the sky in all four compass directions.

...Whoosh!... you plummet back to earth at almost 100 km/h! The gondola brakes gently just before it reaches the ground.


„Dieses Gerät ist einfach Weltklasse.“

Falk Janning,

Hangover - The Tower

The 85-metre-high ride was built for 2.8 million euros by the famous manufacturer Funtime in Vienna. On 18 July 2015, the time had finally come for the fair on the banks of the Rhine, and Hangover the Tower set off on its maiden trip. It had it all.

The Schneiders were the first to offer not only a rotating gondola, but also minimalist restraint bars and other surprises such as its ‘Magic Fingers’. What's more, half-height free fall is also possible to offer countless possible variations to the audience in front of the ride and the passengers themselves alike.

Hangover Tour Plan


New dates for 2024 in preparation…

You can always find news about our tour schedule here first!

30.03.2024 – 14.04.2024 Frühlingsfest Volksfestplatz, Nürnberg

03.05.2024 – 12.05.2024 72. Schützen- und Volksfest Wolfsburg Allerpark, Wolfsburg

16.05.2024 – 27.05.2024 Erlanger Bergkirchweih

01.06.2024 – 10.06.2024 Nördlinger Mess Kaiserwiese, Nördlingen

12.07.2024 – 21.07.2024 Rheinkirmes, Düsseldorf

01.08.2024 – 11.08.2024 Cranger Kirmes Dorstener Straße, Herne

15.08.2024 – 20.08.2024 Stoppelmarkt Festplatz, Vechta

31.08.2024 – 15.09.2024 Rosenheimer Herbstfest Loretowiese, Rosenheim

12.10.2024 – 20.10.2024 Memminger Jahrmarkt , Memmingen

More dates soon...

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Oktoberfest 2023

About the Schneider family

Schneider & Co. oHG – that's Ewald and Christina Schneider and their children Victoria, Ewald Jr. and Walter, a showman family brimming with love and passion for the profession. The family-run company, with head offices in Munich and Bielefeld, operates at all major fairgrounds in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and in London. These include, for example, Munich’s Oktoberfest, Kieler Woche, Cannstatter Wasen or the ‘Largest fair on the Rhine’ (Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes).

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